Friday 28 September 2012

On The Road

Me and my better half is on the road and in the south of Sweden. But you have to have some good wine all the same and this bottle really got me going...

1990 Flaccianello, Fontodi
A lovely sweet, soft, mature nose with gorgeous notes of red and black cherries, milk chocolate, sweet pipe tobacco, rose hips marmelade and a lovely smoky note. This is mature, gorgeous and complex.
The taste is really fine with soft tannins, velvety fruit and a long, caressing finish. There are notes of sweet cherry fruit, pipe tobacco, autumn leaves and rasberry chocolate coulis. A long, soft, sweet, yummy taste. This is drinking perfectly and won't get any better.
91p (tasted 2012/09)


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  2. Thank you for the note. I am a big fan of the Flaccianello, but haven`t had the 90 yet. Just recieved a case of the 97, have you tasted it?

  3. Thanks Henning! No, no, the 97 is a disaster, please send me the case and I will destroy it...:-) No, it is a fabolous wine - I have tasted it 6-7 times - all in the 95-97p range - have fun with it!