Wednesday 3 July 2013

Sunday Lunch Barolo - 2001 Barolo La Serra, Gianni Voerzio

With a big bowl of fresh pasta, thin slices of San Daniele ham, red pesto, parmesan shavings and a little drizzle of truffle oil, this mature Barolo went down beautifully. Opened by lunch, gone by afternoon...

2001 Barolo La Serra, Gianni Voerzio
This was my third and last bottle, and even though it could be cellared for 5+ years more, I don´t think it will get any better.
The nose is open, earthy and with a dark sweetness. With air some pleasant notes of cherry pips, rosehips, tobacco, dried ceps and licorice emerges from the glass. Very good. Not heaps of complexity but with a genuine Piedmont character.
The taste is mature, round and sweet with notes of cherry compote, raspberry licorice, autumn leaves and beets. The finish is medium long and finishes a tad dry. With the food it behaved gracefully and there was no problem finishing the bottle.
87p   (tasted 2013/06)

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