Saturday 23 November 2013

Just Bought

It seems like I have had a one track mind lately when buying wine. Another 1964 Barolo arrives, this time in the shape of a 1,75 liter bottle.
Bu I can´t be blamed - next year it is time to drink all these 64´s I have gathered through the years.

If I was to open this and pour it into the Riedel Sommelier Grand Cru Burgundy glasses, the bottle would suffice for two glasses...


  1. Well I think no even the current Schiavenza people know about this bottle.....
    I have you ever been at the winery ?
    I have they current Barolo Broglio and Cerretta.......

    1. No, I haven´t visited Schiavenza - yet...
      And the only wine I have tasted from them is the 2003 Broglio - - very good for a hot year.