Friday 17 October 2014

Some Baroli From Enzo Boglietti

Time for our monthly tasting group get together. This time it was HG that presented us with 5 decanters of red wine.
Enzo Boglietti is a relative new producer of La Morra Baroli, they started the estate in 1991 and now produces 5 different bottlings of Barolo.
More info here.
Tasted double blind.

2008 Barolo Brunate, Enzo Boglietti
The youngest wine displays a nose with notes of sweet/sour cherries, undergrowth, mushrooms, rosehips and some rubbery notes. Very young. A touch of mint after some time in the glass. Promising but a bit locked in for now.
The taste is young and tight with lots of seedy cherry notes and focused tannins. In the medium long finish there are notes of licorice and rosehips. It ends very dry. Need some years to flesh out. Better with food.
87p   (tasted 2014/10)

2006 Barolo Fossati, Enzo Boglietti
The 06 Fossati has a gorgeous nose with notes of dried cherries, rose petals, road dust and a hint of truffle. Deep and fine. After an hour in the glass there is some new oak aromas as well. Very, very good.
The taste is young, tight and spicy with notes of red and black cherries, asphalt, rose petals and mushrooms. A long, tannin loaded finish with lots of stuffing. Will need +5 years to really open up.
91p   (tasted 2014/10)

2005 Barolo Fossati, Enzo Boglietti
The one year older Fossati shows why 05 isn´t up to par with 06 or 04, see below. It has at large the same characteristics as the 06 but the fruit is a tad dryer and dustier. A pretty good wine all the same.
The taste is big and brawnier with good red cherry fruit and a long, dry finish with some warmth. Very good with food. A fine wine that stands in the shadow of the two other Fossati´s.
88p   (tasted 2014/10)

2004 Barolo Fossati, Enzo Boglietti
The 04 is a little bit more mature version of the 06. The cherry fruit is a tad warmer and it has a really fine leathary aroma. Deep and hedonistic. Warm earth. Really fine.
The taste is big and steady with notes of sweet red and black cherries, licorice, rosehips and a hint of truffle. Very long, very intense and very good. Give this beauty another +3 years.
91p   (tasted 2014/10)

2004 Barolo Brunate, Enzo Boglietti
The best of the bunch. When combining a great year with a hint of maturity with one of my favourite spots in Barolo, magic happens. The nose is deep, pure and lovely with a more old fashioned feeling than the Fossati´s. Notes of rosehips, dried cherries, leather, mushrooms and some pine/resin scents. Very, very fine.
The taste is intense and structured with notes of cherry pips, rosehips, rose petals, dried mushrooms and leather. A long, lingering finish with a fair amount of ripe tannins. Still young of course but offers plenty of enjoyment today. Give it another 3-5 years for an even better experience.
93p   (tasted 2014/10


  1. Never been blown away from the Barolo of this polished and dark fruits for my taste...
    Need something more rustic.....more traditional ....more hard time to get flavors out of the glass....more complexity..
    What will you suggest ?
    Maybe a 1999 Barolo Riserva Rocche from Settimo ...will make me happy !

    1. I think there is room for more than one expression of least on my palate! :-)