Tuesday 30 December 2014

1964 Barolo - Two More Bottles Tonight

Soon the year is up and I am continuing to drink my 64´s. I will not be able to honour my statement from earlier this year, that I would be drinking all of my 64´s this year. I have worked at it....but there will be some bottles left. More of that in a post soon.
But, tonight two bottles from the hallowed hills of Piedmonte.

1964 Barolo Riserva, Fontana Saverio
A big, open, mature nose with notes of cherry jam, cold coffee, withered rosehips, some tar in the distance and moist autumn earth. Not that complex but very direct and hedonistic. Very good.
The taste is mature, soft and warm with notes of ripe red cherries, sugared coffee, mild chocolate wafers, autumn leaves and fried mushrooms. A long, warm finish with fruit, acidity and tannins melted together in a fine blend. Easy to take big gulps of. Very, very good.
88p   (tasted 2014/12)

1964 Barolo Riserva, Michele Nicolello
This, the 2.094th bottle of 19.860 made, is a stunner. If this would have been poured to me blind I would have guessed it to be a 1982 or a 1978. Not older than that.
The nose is deep and profound with lovely notes of ripe black cherries, freshly shaved truffles, rose petals, warm gravel and fine bonfire aroma. Just beautiful.
The taste is big, broad and multi layered with a fine, taut structure and sweet, warm fruit. Gorgeous notes of sweet cherries, hard cherry candy, rosehips, ceps and coffee powder. The finish goes on for over a minute. There is some finely tuned tannins in the end. A great wine that is barely mature and that will keep on giving pleasure for 10+ years.
95p   (tasted 2014/12)


  1. That is the Nicolello on the right? The color is amazing. The '64 Borgogno Riserva I had earlier this year was more like the color on the left. It's been a big year for you amico. Buon Anno!

    1. Thanks John! Yes, the Nicolello is the one the right, an amazing wine. I have saved 20 cl in a smaller bottle to see how it will turn out in a couple of days.
      Hope you drink something great today - have a Happy New Year!