Saturday 25 April 2015

What Will My New Tasting Project Be...?


My next project is White Bordeaux - the Prologue coming soon.

We have a winner - my clues were obvious to easy... :-)
Congratulation - Vinosapien!

This bottle will be yours:

Well, now you have the chance to guess! And win a bottle of wine!

I will let you have some clues.

It is a type of wine that I, as with the Brunello project, have tasted fairly little of, although I have drunk boatloads of another type of wine from the same area.

Some journalists/writers have compared drinking this type of wines with having a cell phone and only using it for actually talking to people, preferring  to listening to lp records and wondering what Spotify is, and reading the news in a printed newspaper and paying for it.
Not trendy at all.

It is always named with reverence when these types of wines is talked about, and yet I rarely see tasting notes, blog posts or articles on these wines.

Got it? :-)

The first correct answer in the comment section will win a bottle from this area. The bottle is of vintage 1996 and is in perfect condition.
The wine in question is described as "sensitive, fragrant, capable of having surprisingly long lives".

(of course provided that it is legal to send a bottle of wine to that land in question and that the winner will be able to provide proof of legal age to possess alcohol beverages)