Wednesday 20 May 2015

Two More 1987 Brunello´s

Some time ago I came across a parcel of various 1987 Brunello Montalcino´s and they have behaved very well, despite their 28 years beneath the cork. Here are two more.

1987 Brunello di Montalcino Canalicchio di Sotto, Lambardi
A warm, meaty, mature nose with notes of dried cherries, liquorice, violet, bonfire and some dog fur. A bit soft around the edges. Fully mature.
The taste is warm, mature and dry with notes of dried cherries, dry chocolate, asphalt and violets. A medium long finish and is a bit hollow in the middle. A touch over the hill.
78p   (tasted 2015/05)

1987 Brunello di Montalcino La Fortuna, Gino e Gioberto Zannoni
A open, deep, sweet nose with notes of ripe black cherries, raspberry liquorice, old expensive leather, sweet thyme and some smoky scents. Very, very good. Still very much alive and kicking. A Lovely sweet fruit.
The taste is deep, mature and concentrated with notes of red and black cherries, leather, damp earth and sugared coffee. A long, warm, mature finish. This is fully mature and drinking nicely.
89p   (tasted 2015/05)

Some earlier Brunello 87´s:
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Caprili and Pertimali
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  1. I do not think those guys where sleeping in perfect place....otherwise performance should be better.....what do you think ..?

    1. The corks and levels were fine, but I don't have any experience of these producers, so its hard for to tell if they performed under or over their pedigree.