Monday 22 February 2016

1982 Chateau Lafite

Ooops! My eyes, like the rest of me, are getting old. Chateau Lafitte it is!

I probably shouldn't have paid 1.600 Euro for it then...:-)

1982 Chateau Lafitte
A mature, dry nose with notes of dried red currants, rowan berries, cigarette ash and earth. Decent enough. There is a hint of that famous 82 warmth. Actually develops some in the glass. Good.
The taste is dry and liniar with notes of red currants, dry leather, cigarett ashes and gravel. A medium long, dry finish. The nose is better. With some meat and potatoes it had some virtues, but should have been drunk, at least, ten years ago.
77p   (tasted 2016/02)


  1. Yes....the Chinese version of L. Rothschild....

    I am happy with a nice glass of 2011 Brunello...

  2. Did you ever taste wines from'
    Chateau La Bretonniere
    Chateau Tour de Guiet

    Thanks !