Wednesday 1 June 2016

Live From Gaston Wine Bar

I have been on a tasting with Adam Tolmach from Ojai (notes to follow) and I am going to another tasting later, but I have an hour or two to kill in between, so why not slip into the wine bar an NK for a glass?

Looking through the wines on glass I spot a Spanish wine from Madrid made out of Albillo and Macabeo. On asking what´s the story I´m told it is a natural wine, and my natural... instinct is to back away. The staff notices my facial expression and says that is a "light" variant of a natural wine and offers me a sip.
Actually rather nice, so I order a glass. On the speakers there is jazz playing, so here I am, drinking natural wine and listening to jazz - mark my words - the end of the world as we know is here...

2014 Navaherreros Blanco, Bodegas Bernabeleva
It has some light chichen farm notes in the background but at the forefront there are nice aromas of apricots, grilled lemon and herbal soap. A fine depth. Very good. Some summer scents of grass and flowers.
The taste is dry and a bit viscous but is backed up by a fine acidity. There are notes of dry mango, grilled lemon and gravel. A medium long finish that ends a tad warm, but other than that a fine effort.
87p    (tasted 2016/05)

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