Thursday 5 January 2017

The Ten Most Memorable Wines Of 2016

Here I am yet again! The yearly struggle to pinpoint the ten wines that have made the most lasting impression on me during the year. I force myself to think hard and go through all my notes, with a glass of 2006 Pol Roger in my hand - its a tough job...:-)
Here they are, in vintage order.
A toast to an equally great 2017!

1945 Château d´Armailhacq
Considered to be one of the best vintages ever, we were lucky to taste 11 bottles of Bordeaux from 1945. All were not up to par, but the best of the bunch was this one, the closest I will ever get to the 45 Mouton-Rothshild...
95p   (2016/11)

1986 Puligny-Montrachet Champ-Canet, Etienne Sauzet
White Burgundy can be pure magic when it gets some age and comes from on of the masters, in this case Etienne Sauzet and the great 1986 vintage. We had many fine bottles at this tasting dinner, but this shone the brightest.
97p   (tasted 2016/10)

1990 Barolo Granbussia Riserva, Aldo Conterno
The Barolo Boys had a planning dinner in October before our trip to Piedmont. Among other things we drank four bottles of Granbussia Riserva, and the 1990 was, on this night the shining star.
Other than these four Granbussia´s I had the good fortune to taste the 1999 and the 2006 and 2008 this year. I can´t complain...:-)
98p   (tasted 2016/12)

1999 Barolo Percristina, Domenico Clerico
I love the Percristina from Clerico. The 1996 is a perfect creature, and the 1999 is not far behind. There were many fine 99 Barolo´s at this tasting, but the Percristina was the best, alongside the Rupestris from Cappellano (but I never score the wines from Cappellano).
98p   (tasted 2016/01)

2002 Comtes de Champagne, Taittinger
Comtes de Champagne is a recurrent item on the-ten-most-memorable-list, and the 02 is a beaty. And this is why I don´t make my list until New Years Eve is over, because great bottles usually appears on that evening. Tasting note here.
97p   (tasted 2016/12)

2006 La Ricolma, San Giusto a Rentennano
A 100% Merlot from Tuscany makes the list with a stunning expression of this grape. I fell instantly in love and got hold of more bottles of this nectar. Tasting note here.
97p   (tasted 2016/08)

2010 Barolo Brunate Riserva, M. Marengo
Barolo. Brunate. Vintage 2010. In the hands of the capable hands of Marco Marengo. And the result? Just a stunning expression of a vibrant, in-ten-years-time-perfect Barolo specimen.
97p   (tasted 2016/08)

2010 Barolo Rocche dell´Annunziata, Paolo Scavino
As I wrote in this Barolo Boys report, when you are faced with perfection, words escapes you, or at least me. But trust me, this is a perfect wine.
100p   (tasted 2016/12)

2012 IX Estate, Colgin
As I wrote in February, this would make my most memorable list. And it did. Expensive - yes, worth the tariff - oh yes!
100p   (tasted 2016/12)

2012 G-Max, Keller
There is no tasting note to be read on this one, since I have lots of notes backed up. Miran had a dinner in November and this was the shining star of that evening, although lots of other fine bottles were poured, notes are on there way...
Is there a better Riesling out there? I doubt it.
98p   (tasted 2016/11)

The bottle in the background almost made the list...

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