Wednesday 25 October 2017

A Hideous Wine - 2011 Limited Edition Syrah 1865, San Pedro

I have said it before, I am lucky. For the most of the time I taste and drink good, great & gorgeous wines. Sometimes "interesting" wines.
But every now and again....something really nasty appears.
This was such a bottle. I had read good things about it and ordered a bottle (25 Euro). I wish I hadn´t, most of it was poured down the drain.

2011 Limited Edition Syrah 1865, San Pedro
The nose is a in-your-face kind of style with over the top notes of VA, melted asphalt, burning table tennis balls (trust me, I have first hand knowledge of that smell), violets drenched in bad hard liquor, rotting flowers, burning rubber and lots of ink. Unbalanced. Lots of VA.
The taste is big and foursquare with lots of grain alcohol and notes of burning tar, violet liquor, old rosemary and lots of wood. A very long, fiery finish which, and that is the only redemming part of this wine, ends with a nice dryness. Don´t know what will become of this with age, but I´m not going to find out. Saved for two days and it didn´t change at all.
60p   (tasted 2017/10)

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