Friday 26 October 2018

Drinking Tonight - 1993 Langhe Nebbiolo, Produttori Del Barbaresco

1993 Langhe Nebbiolo, Produttori del Barbaresco
This bottle is a) a testament to the quality of this cooperative and b) - which I have been nagging on for years - the much-better-than-its-reputation vintage of 1993.
Well, getting of my soapbox and on to the wine; the nose of this lovely mature specimen is that of mushrooms, an autumn walk in a dimlight forest, dried up 90´s perfume, Gauloises smoke, violet pastilles and a hint of dog fur to add to the complexity. Very fine. A perfect maturity.
The taste is dry, mature and soft with notes of dried lingonberries, mushrooms, violets, dry leather and gravel. Medium long with a fine dry finish. The taste doesn´t really live up to the fantastic nose and doesn´t have heaps of complexity but it is an utter joy to drink, and isn´t that what its all about?
89p   (tasted 2018/10)

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