Friday 27 April 2012

Friday Evening And a Giacosa

Giacosa......just the name gives you goose bumpes. And opening a young, fresh Giacosa wine is, almost, like drinking from the fountain of youth...:-) I wish it would!

2007 Barbaresco Asili, Bruno Giacosa
The nose is ultra fresh, pure and just gorgeous with notes of lingonberry bushes, rosehips, almond paste, dry licorice, undergrowth and rose petals. Very fine and complex. A touch of dry tobacco. This is for sitting down and sniffing!
The taste is fresh, young and concentrated with a lovely purity, a racy acidity and notes of lingonberries, red currants, rosehip and some dry nougat. Very, very fine. After some time in the glass this nectar has the scent of freshly washed clothes drying in the wind. Just great. Very pure and aristocratic. Great!
94p (tasted 2012/04)


  1. Hi Joakim;

    What drinking window would you give to this baby above...?

    Also have you tasted any Carema lately.....if what do you think ?

    Keep the excellent work coming !

    Angelo (Canada)

    1. Hi Angelo,
      I would say that it needs another +5 years in the cellar and would certainly evolve during the next two decades.

      No, haven´t tasted any Carema for years.