Thursday 17 May 2012

Two More Rose Wines Tasted

Well, the rose weekend continues, this evening with a Bordeaux and a Tuscany rose. Both were nice enough drinking but no one reach the level of great or "I really want to drink more of this". But both went well with a pasta dish with a sauce made of Italian sausage with fennel and black peppar.

2011 Rosato, Castello di Ama
This one has a lovely nose with notes of red currants, pomegranate, cherry pips, a dusty summer tuscan road and the fat of prosciutto. Very nice. Hard cherry candy and dried resin after a while. Very fine.
But the taste, the taste is for the pure masochist, with a clean taste of blood orange peel, red immature currants, unripe rasberries and some dusty elements. The acidity is high and tight. Not much pleasure here... With a creamy pasat sauce it behaves better but on its own it is too tight and uncompromising.
82p (tasted 2012/05)

2011 Clarence Dillon Clarendelle Rose
On the other hand - this had a funky nose but a fine taste... The nose is big, fruity and rather spineless with notes of rasberry candy, wet earth, licorice and beets. A touch artificial. A touch of sea shell sweetness. But there is a funky note that does not blow away.
But the taste, the taste is great - with lovely sweet red fruits - rasberries, wild strawberries and lingonberries. There is also notes of dry coffee, earth and milk chocolate fudge. A long, warm, structured finish. Very, very good.
84p (tasted 2012/05)

I tried to mix the two in the vain hope that I would get the Rosato nose with the Clarendell taste, but no, no, no...


  1. Joakim.....I had Ama Rosato few years ago and I was not impressed at all.....and I can see still the same thing.....

    I think Puglia makes some of the best Rose' of Italy.....even Cerasuolo from Abruzzi.....but Tuscany is out of map...

    1. Thanks for the tip! Tonight it will be two Marsannay wines...

  2. Keep on testing them pink ones! I for one need guidance in this world since i've only been trying 'bad ones' so far.
    Looks like i'll get some of the Bandol ones... Hope to see some more nice stuff pop up here soon :)

    1. I will carry on this hard mission...:-) Opening the next two bottles in a few minutes. :-)