Tuesday 7 January 2014

Drinking Tonight - 1978 Chateau Labergorce-Zede

After a looong first day at my new job (many handshakes, many new names....) I needed something mature, smooth and forgiving. This bottle really did unwind me tonight!

1978 Chateau Labergorce-Zede
Rigth from the first pour this perfectly aged Bordeaux shows beautiful aromas of stables, pencil shavings, dried red and black currants, moist autumn leaves and a touch of dog fur. Mellow and fine. As far from a blockbuster you could get, and the better for it. I love this kind of understated, mature Bordeaux bottles, that you can get for a song (bought for 25 Euro).
The taste delivers what the nose promise, a warm, mature, soft black currant fruit with some pencil shavings, autumn leaves, tobacco and dog fur tossed in. The finish is medium long, balanced and mellow. This is what I needed. Doesn' t get an A for complexity but surely one for drinkability.
87p   (tasted 2014/01)

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