Sunday 26 January 2014

Wines From Last Night

No notebook. Just a few pics. A great evening with friends!

Still young, fresh and very drinkable!
With a salmon dish these were perfect!
The Porphyr was yummy but the Jamet was stunning with its peppery meat and blueberry notes
A reminder that I drink Sauternes to seldom nowadays - soooo good!
Our host thought that we needed more wines and this beauty was choosen - drinking perfectly now.


  1. favorite Lagrein Riserva....
    Last time I had this wine it was downtown Rome......

    Any tasting notes ?

    1. No, not really - just drank the wines, talked and had fun...:-) It was really good though, even if the Jamet was even better (pushed, I would say in the 91-92p range for the Porphyr and 93-94p for the Jamet).