Sunday 3 August 2014

Vacation Wine Diary - Day 26 - Two Bottles Of 1964 Barolo

Dear Diary

Home again after two and a half week on the road in the sunny and warm Sweden. And the sun keeps on shining! 
And what better way to celebrate that we still have one and a half week left of our vacation, than open two bottles of Barolo from the greatest vintage ever? None!

After these two bottles have been drained I have emptied 30 of the 185 bottles of 1964´s (there have been some additions since that post). Still 155 to go...:-)

1964 Barolo Cannubi, Carretta
The fist Cannubi shows a mature, warm and generous nose with notes of dried mushrooms, prunes, dried red cherries, rosehip and some veal stock. It has a nice depth and keeps on giving all evening long. A touch of VA. Very, very good.
The taste is ripe, warm and meaty with notes of cherry pips, dried mushrooms, liquorice, asphalt and coffee powder. The finish is long, medium intense and with a nice warmth. This has aged well and with the grilled pork tenderloin it was a great companion.
89p   (tasted 2014/08)

1964 Barolo Collina Cannubio, Serio & Battista Borgogno
The Borgogno Cannubio hasn´t faired as well over the years. The nose is mature and fleeting with notes of toasted almonds, beet roots, rubber, dog fur and, from time to time, that smell you can get from a overfull ditch. Ok, but not much more than that. Doesn´t get worse or better with air.
The taste is better with notes of dried cherries, rosehips, hot gravel, undergrowth and old tobacco. A bit rigid in the finish, which ends warm and dusty. It was ok with the food but a bit to dry on its own.
73p   (tasted 2014/08)


  1. Hey Joakim;
    Are you stuck in home country this year ?
    Do you have a mobile cellar ....or just a mobile kitchen ?
    I would suggest to stop to open those 64 .....they are not wines for the summer....underappreciated !

    1. On the contrary! They are much appriciated! :-)

      We have rented houses and I have brought the wines with me. But now we are back home!