Monday 4 August 2014

Vacation Wine Diary - Day 27 - Chianti

Dear Diary
Yet another hot day - in places in Sweden the hottest day this year - here it has been 32 degrees Celsius. Great to be able to spend the day at the sea, not in the office :-)

Returning home in the afternoon we decided on a light meal, some Italian delicatessen and some cheese, and I opened a tasting sample from Passione Italiana.

2010 Chianti Classico, Castello Monterinaldi
A young, fresh, pure Sangiovese nose with notes of cherry pips, dried rosemary, hard cherry candy, dusty gravel and a hint of red wine vinegar. A very nice, salivating nose. Promising.
The taste is light on its feet but with a good grip with a fresh acidity and notes of red cherries, bakelite, gravel, a dried up bonfire and some tobacco. A medium long, dry finish. There is a touch of expensive soap, in a positive way. Not a blockbuster, but a great dinner drink if the food isn't too rich. 
88p   (tasted 2014/08)


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