Friday 14 August 2015

Friday Dinner - A Young Pouilly Fumé & A Mature Bordeaux

I have been working only three days this week after a five week holiday, but I am a wreck...
I need something to lift my spirits. With a tasty Toast Skagen I opened a young Pouilly Fumé that many have written and talked good things about.
Then - with a big slice of Gotland fillet of beef with some roasted vegetables and a nice béarnaise sauce, I opted for a mature (hopefully!) Bordeaux.
It worked out well...:-)

2014 Pouilly Fumé, Jonathan Didier Pabiot
This beauty displays a pure and fresh nose with notes of elderberries, green apples, gravel, pine sap and a very salivating lemon peel scent. Very, very good. A very vibrant wine.
The taste is young, tight and mineraly with notes of lime peel, gravel, green apples and elderberries. A very fine acidity. A bit Chablis like, and a very good one at that. Easy to drink sip after sip. Lovely.
91p   (tasted 2015/08)

1982 Château Maucaillou
Popped and poured, and it immediately reveals fine aromas of a mature Bordeaux, in the shape of fresh stables, dried red and black currants, graphite, coffee powder and worn leather. A very fine aromatic nose. Perfectly mature.
The taste is more taut than the nose with fine notes of red currants, dried plums, cigarette ashes, dried autumn leaves and balsa wood. A medium long finish with a nice dry finish. In a fine drinking stage, but I won´t save remaining bottles for much longer.
89p   (tasted 2015/08)


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