Friday 25 March 2016

A Bottle Of Bubbly - 2006 Cuvée Gentilhomme, AR Lenoble

When I attended a tasting with wines from Lenoble two years ago, they really stroke a chord with me, so I have bought a bunch of bottles since then.

Their two prestige cuvées - Gentilhomme and Les Aventures - really impressed me at that tasting. Les Aventures is a multi vintage and the last bottle I drank was marvellous.
Time to check up the 06 Gentilhomme.

2006 Cuvée Gentilhomme, AR Lenoble
It opens young and steely and its show it best features on day two, when stunning notes of white currants, lemon fudge, almond paste, butter cup flowers and grapefruit oozes up from the glass. this got class and refinement. Lovely. Still young.
The taste is fine, elegant and steely with notes of lemon zest, white currants, chalk and dried flowers. The finish is long and persistent with a very fine acidity. This is a keeper, glad I have more, but I will wait 4-6 years until the next bottle is opened. Great stuff.
94p   (tasted 2016/03)

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