Saturday 17 February 2018

Pizza & 2006 Barolo, Terre Dei Roveri

Pizza night! Dolcetto is the obvious choice but I wanted to try out a new Barolo acquaintance I recently bought.
I also made a new pizza dough, one third regular flour, one third durum flour and one third wholemeal flour, and it worked out great - it kept together perfect and made a crunchy crust. I also experimented with replacing mozzarella (which I think gives of to much liquid) with halloumi (oh, the blasphemy!) With truffle salami, basil, parmesan and a slow cooked tomatoe sauce it made up the perfect combination.

2006 Barolo, Terre dei Roveri
A high, fine, layered nose with notes of forest floor, sweet/sour cherries, red beets, cool tobacco and dried flowers. A hint of maturity but at the same time some juveline aromas. This is good!
The taste is tight and dry with notes of red currants, bakelite, gravel and root vegetables. Besides the rather stern tannins, it resembles a Pinot, like a Nuits-St-Georges. Long, dry and with a fine mouthfeel. Really good. Would love to have more. Wait, I do! :-)
92p   (tasted 2018/02)

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