Tuesday 17 July 2018

Vacation Wines - No 7 - 1967 Barolo, Vietti

I was saving this bottle for a different occasion, when it was supposed to be joined by the 67 Rocche from Vietti which I also have, but......visiting the cellar a couple of days ago and trying to find something to open (I never have anything to open! Every bottle is planned for something or way to young. Am I lonely with this problem...?!) I saw that this bottle had started to leak.


Nothing to do but to stand it up and wait two days for the sediment to sink.

1967 Barolo, Vietti
I hadn´t a change pulling the cork, it went down into the bottle. Ah, well, slowly pouring the wine I notice that it has the same colour as the 1964 tasted four years ago. Looks light and fragile but the 64 had power and refinement to spare. How about the 67 then...

Thanks for asking, very nice indeed. The nose is deep, fragrant, light and refined with notes of dried strawberries, paint, stale hazelnuts, autumn leaves and lots and lots of rosehips. Lovely. The scent of a autumn walk in the Langhe vineyards when the day has been warm. A very fine maturity with a gorgeous dried up sweetness.
The taste is dry, finely tuned and elegant with notes of dried strawberries, cold sugared coffee, earth and dry licorice. A medium long, fine finish. But - there is a void in the midpalate, making in feel a bit fragile. Very, very good though. I bet a perfect bottle would have have scored in the high 90´s, but this being no slouch gets
92p   (tasted 2018/07)

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