Friday 2 October 2020

2013 Barolo Perno, Cascina Del Monastero

2013 Barolo Perno, Cascina Del Monastero
I knew. Do not open a bottle! But I couldn´t resist. A six bottle parcel was delivered and I hadn´t tasted this before. I knew that the 13 Baroli have closed up. 

But - resistense was futile! 

Here I sit, three hours after the deed was done. The nose is gorgeous, almost right out of the bottle, with lovely notes of cranberries, shoe polish, iron, spices and a tiny scent of mint. Very fine.
But the taste... Hard as nails. Even after three hour in a decanter it hasn´t budged at all. Structured and seedy with fine grained tannins and locked in fruit. Long and tight with earthy notes, iron and dry licorice. 
Based on this bottle, I will try, try hard not to open another bottle in 7 years time. Wish me luck!

Although, this bottle took me back to my visit to the Cascina del Monastero estate in August of last year, and meeting Loris, which still fills me with joy and admiration of his energy and commitment to make great wines. I will be back!
92p   (tasted 2020/10)

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