Tuesday 25 July 2023

Notes From A Visit To Ivögården Vineyard

This is a miniscule vineyard, only 0,25 ha, making 600 liter wine each year, that is transformed into sparkling, white, rosé, red wines and distillate in the form of a gin and a Swedish variant of grappa.

Bo Jeppsson, the winemaker and the one who set up the vineyard in 2013, showed me the vineyard where Solaris, Rondo and Regent grows. These are PIWI grapes which are more resistent to fungus and other dieseases, and they are able to fully mature in the Swedish climate. 
After a tour through the vineyard I was able to taste through the line up.
A very nice place, a trip here is recommended. 

2021 Rondo Regent Brut
A delicate, low keyed nose with notes of raspberry candy, earth and hints of licorice. Good.
The taste is fresh and fine with a good acidity and notes of dried raspberries, dark bread and herbs. 
86p   (tasted 2023/07)

2021 Solaris Brut
A very nice nose with notes of dried honey, chrushed rocks and lemon peel.
The taste is cool and fresh with notes of lemon peel, earth and minerals. A fine acidity.
87p   (tasted 2023/07)

2022 Solaris
A restrained, tight nose with notes of lemon candy, gravel and basil. A tad one dimensional.
The taste is pure, dry and easy going with good lemon coated fruit and gravelly notes.
84p   (tasted 2023/07)

2021 Solaris 
This has been lying on a 25 liter Hungarian oak barrel and is very much marked by oak, both on the nose and palate. Under the layer of oak there are some interesting notes of detergent, glue and the intriguing scents from a 50-70 year old Sauternes. 
The taste is big and oak laden but yet again there are interesting notes under the oak. Dry caramel, old apricots and hay. They serve it with the traditional svartsoppa (a soup serverd at the autum goose dinner, made from the blood from the geese). A wine you either love or hate. I´m in the former category.
90p   (tasted 2023/07)

2022 Rosé Rondo Regent
A very dark coloured rosé since these grapes have plenty of colour in their skins. The nose is open and spicy with notes of raspberry juice, licorice, fresh herbs and gravel. Very, very good.
The taste is finely tuned with a nice structure and dryness with notes of red currants, dried raspberries and gravel.
89p   (tasted 2023/07)

2022 Rondo Regent
The nose resembles Cabernet Franc with its herbal and peppery aroma, there is also some notes of warm earth, red currants and tobacco.
The taste is seedy and tight with notes of red currants, scorched earth and assorted herbs. The tannins are on the stern side, this needs some time. 4+ years.
87p   (tasted 2023/07)

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