Saturday 14 February 2015

An Account Of 127 Bottles From The Greatest Vintage Ever

About a year ago I posted this mission statement for 2014 - too drink all my bottles from my birth year, since I was going to turn 50.

I almost managed it - 127 bottles down the hatch. :-) That leaves 57 bottles for me to enjoy upcoming birthdays.

The list of what have been consumed during 2014 looks like this:
35 bottles of Barolo
34 bottles of Bordeaux
19 bottles of Burgundy
6 bottles of Rioja
6 bottles of Chianti
4 bottles of German Riesling
3 bottles of Champagne
and 20 odd bottles

How about the most memorable wines from the greatest vintage ever? Five of them made the list of the 10 most memorable wines of 2014.

But there were many others that highlighted my year. To name a few - the 1964 Monte Real proved that Rioja with some age is a world class wine.
I could not believe that a 50 year old Muscadet would be drinkable, but this bottle was not only drinkable but highly enjoyable.
One of the flights in a Ceretto tasting dinner contained two 64´s and the Riserva was a real stunner. The Cheval Blanc made the year list but 1964 Ausone was not far behind, a true joy to drink.
There have been many more fine bottles drunk during last year, and interesting enough very few corked wines and just a few dull bottles that most probably haven´t been stored properly over the years. Lest see if I have some bottles left for when I turn 60...:-)


  1. Hi Joakim.
    Really impressive wines,and also unbelievable that there was so many good ones i mean not corked wines and also really good eye caught a table on the table the Antinori Chianti, how did that fare ? with so many years on the back :-)

    1. Hi Flemming,
      thanks! The Antinori was alive good, but nothing more - -
      but I guess that can vary bottle from bottle.