Friday 2 October 2015

Drinking Tonight - 1996 Pommard Les Perrières, Domaine Raymond Launay

To go along a pasta dish with chicken, tarragon, mushrooms, mustard and a generous amount of cream and parmesan cheese, I opened this (hopefully) mature Pommard.

1996 Pommard Les Perrières, Domaine Raymond Launay
Popped and poured. A bit funky at first, but it opens up nicely in the glass, with notes of dried strawberries, warm herbs, tobacco and the fine aroma of a forest floor after a autumn rain. Medium deep. A hint of bonfire and veal meat. A fine sweetness to the fruit. Very good.
The taste is warm, dry and mature with notes of dried red berries, dry tobacco, herbs, tobacco and earth. A bit rustic in the end, in a good way. A very good acidity. Worked really well with the food. A fine maturity. A nicely aged Pommard on this Friday evening. Too bad this was the only bottle I had.
88p   (tasted 2015/10)


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