Monday 12 October 2015

Exploring The Forgotten Side Of Bordeaux - Chapter XII

Well, this was not much fun. Carbonnieux can be very good, as the 1982 showed a while back. But this...

1979 Chateau Carbonnieux

1989 Chateau Carbonnieux
A ripe, over mature nose with notes of old wrinkled red apples, dusty earth, a touch of sherry and some plastic. A bit flat. Alive, but not good.
The taste is better than the nose with more structure and cleaner, with notes of a dry apple pie, autumn leaves, balsa wood and lemon cream. A medium long, good finish.
76p   (tasted 2015/10)

1999 Chateau Carbonnieux
The 99 is by far the best and even very good, but it is not a great wine. The nose is medium deep and slightly mature with notes of lanolin, sweet lemons, dry honey and some glue. Very good.
The taste is youngish and tight with notes of oilcloth, candied lemons, gravel and a hint of oyster shells. A medium long, dry finish. Very good.
86p  (tasted 2015/10)

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