Saturday 15 September 2018

Two Fine Nebbiolo´s From Valtellina

The best Nebbiolo´s in the world comes from the Langhe - nuff said. But - there is really fine Nebbiolo´s grown outside the Langhe which demands serious interest - one of those places is Valtellina.
I have had some nice experience of older bottles from here, for example these two bottles from The Greatest Vintage ever.
This producer is new for me and I was really impressed. Info here.

2015 Costa Bassa, Sandro Fay
The Costa Bassa comes from two vineyards, the estate calls it its "classic wine". It has a high, ligth, fresh nose with notes of lingonberries, a hint of strawberries, paint, bakelite and a some light smoky aromas. Very good in a light, fragrant style.
The taste is light and elegant with notes of dried raspberries, some asphalt, lingonberries and chrushed rocks. Finely tuned and verging on anemic. A fine acidity. I would guess this will perform even better in 3-5 years time. Very, very good.
88p   (tasted 2018/09)

2015 Cà Moréi, Sandro Fay
Ooooh boy, what a wine! Given this blind I would have guessed a great vintage of Acclivi from Burlotto. The nose is refined, high and energetic with notes of incense, dried strawberries, candle grease, light smoke and paint. Just lovely.
The taste is young, dry, focused and fine with notes of lingonberry infused licorice, Christmas spices, chrushed rocks and bakelite. The tannins have been polished with the finest cloth. Long and very lingering. This is some stunning juice. 6+ years. For 34 Euro, this is a no brainer, fill up the cellar!
94p   (tasted 2018/09)

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