Friday 2 August 2019

Vacation Wines - 2001 Les Aspres, Domaine Cros

2001 Les Aspres, Domaine Cros
This is the wine that I have bought, tasted and drunk the most of, of all bottles during my 30 year of wine folly. Tasted the first time around 2004/2005, I then bought first one, then a second case. My friends also bought it and I have tasted from their cellars, so all in all I think I have tasted this about 30 times. This is, alas, my last bottle...
The nose soars from the glass with stunning notes of sweet violets, seared meat, bacon fat, sweet/sour licorice, melting asphalt and dried rosemary. It wears its 18 years with pride.
The taste is deep, tight and concentrated with notes of rosemary spiced grilled meat, wet undergrowth, bakelite, violets and sweet tobacco. Very intense. Very long, Very, very fine. Bottles like this will go on for 10+ years. A great mouthful.
96p   (tasted 2019/08)

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  1. I remember that I enjoyed these wines 10-15 years ago but somehow I got other interests or the wine merchant stopped selling them- but I somehow feel that I must visit this winery and wines again. I also remember the wines to be very concentrated and appealing

    1. They really were concentrated yet elegant - especially the 01, but also the
      2003 -
      but the 2012....?! -