Tuesday 1 November 2022

1968 - 2002 Moulin Touchais

An invitation came from Vinunic to taste some vintages of Moulin Touchais together with Frederik Wilbrennick. I have meet Frederik before, see below, and its always a treat to meet him and listen to the fascinating story of Moulin Touchais and its wines.

2002 Moulin Touchais
A young, in Moulin Touchais terms, nose with notes of rubber boots, apricots, wet asphalt, petroleum and candied lemons. Very fine.
The taste is creamy and semi sweet with notes of dried up limoncello, apricots, hay and petroleum. A nice acidity. For the future.
91p   (tasted 2022/10)

1997 Moulin Touchais
A deep, complex nose with notes of expensive soap, marzipan, tangerines and yellow plums. A hint of maturity. Lovely.
The taste is semi dry with concentration and balance, and notes of apricots, ripe oranges, linoleum and dried grass. Very, very long. Great wine for now and the coming 50+ years.
95p   (tasted 2022/10)

1992 Moulin Touchais
A somewhat restrained nose with notes of dried pears, road dust, washing powder and a petrol station in the distance. A tad weak in the middle.
The taste is better, medium bodied with notes of dried apricots, gravel, rubber and decaying flowers. A good acidity.
87p   (tasted 2022/10)

1982 Moulin Touchais
Lots of dried fruits, autumn apples, soy, moist earth and old leather, in all a interesting, complex nose.
The taste is rich and maturing with notes of dried apricots, yellow raisins, forest floor and linoleum. A fine dry finish. Will go on for many years to come.
90p   (tasted 2022/10)

1968 Moulin Touchais
A vintage that was originaly decided not to be sold but kept in the cellar. After many years the decision was altered. Not the best decision IMHO. The nose is old and a tad volatile with notes of detergents, canned mushrooms, dried pears and a whiff of a wet dog.
The taste is dry and foursquare with some dried lemons, apricots, road dust and canned mushrooms. Short. Not faulty but not a vintage to be remembered.
80p   (tasted 2022/10)

I have been fortunate through the years and have had the opportunity to taste a broad range of Moulin Touchais vintages (see links below):

1885   (100p)
1892   (82p)
1921   (89p)
1937   (92p)
1947   (92p)
1955   (84p)
1959   (96p)
1964   (98p/96p/94p)
1968   (80p)
1969   (95p)
1971   (86p/86p)
1975   (92p)
1979   (90p)
1981   (82p/89p)
1982   (84p/90p)
1983   (79p)
1985   (94p/92p/94p)
1990   (89p)
1992   (87p)
1997   (93p/95p)
1999   (85p)
2000   (82p)
2001   (92p)
2002   (91p)

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