Tuesday 13 December 2011

Just Bought

In april of 2008 I visited Piedmont with two friends. We visited a bunch of producers - Saffirio, Revello, R Voerzio, Abbona, Marengo, Cappellano, Cavallotto, Sottimano, Scavino, Azelia, Conterno Fantino, L Pira and lastly G Conterno - hard work - 92 wines tasted and drunk in just 3 days...but I wasn´t complaining!
All these visits together with three great dinners at Le Torri, Osteria di Vignasolo and Trattoria della Posta, was as closest to heaven I could get.

At Conterno Fantino we tasted through almost the whole range before Fabio presented a large decanter with a barrel sample of the 2007 Sori Ginestra. While one of us was busy discussing vintages, clones, barrel treatment, pesticides, and other important subjets, Miran and I was gulping down that barrel sample like there were no tomorrow! :-)

In some stiff company, this was the greatest wine (even if one could argue it wasn´t a finished wine yet) of all 92 tasted during these intense days. And now I have two magnums resting in the cellar...

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