Friday 9 December 2011

Right here, right now - the second day...

Well, these two Chianti bottles have now spent 24 hours open, with just the corks inserted back. But they have been standing cold, my cellar is 11 degrees Celsius all year round.

Tasting notes - day two:

2007 Chianti Classico Riserva Vigna del Sorbo, Fontodi
The Vigna del Sorbo is thicker and warmer in the fruit day two. Lovely chocolate covered cherries and more smoke than day one. The oak is a touch more pronounced now, but not in a dominant way. Still fresh, sweet red fruit. Very good.
The taste is fresh, and a touch bigger with a good warm feeling, and the tannins in the finish is a bit more softer and more polished. This is drinking very well day two.
89-91p   (tasted 2011/12/09)

2007 Chianti Classico Riserva Rancia, Felsina
The Rancia has added another layer of complexity with air. The structure is more refined and the fruit is sweeter with a lovely note of sweet licorice, blueberry yougurt and new, expensive leather. This is one great Chianti!
The taste is also more concentrated and intense, with more silky fruit, and the tannins is more rounded, although still young and powerful, and they still leave quite a mark in the finish. Stunning!
93-94p   (tasted 2011/12/09)

Looking forward to day three, which will be day four......confused......well, tomorrow is destined for  a special dinner, so the remains will settle in the cellar until sunday. Will be back with a report how they are then.

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