Friday 16 December 2011

The Perfect Ones - Part 5

Up until this tasting I hadn´t tasted anything from Pierre Ponnelle, but after, I have tried to locate old bottles from this producer, but no one have lived up to this perfect specimen.

1961 Musigny, Pierre Ponnelle
The nose is spectacular fresh for its age, with notes of sweet mature strawberrys, warm spices, wet undergrowth, and a gorgeous perfumed, deep note. Layer upon layer of the sweetest red fruit imaginable, paired with pine wood, mushrooms, and a interesting coca cola note. Soooooo stunning!
The taste is complexity and intensity personified, with the most perfect sweet fruit ever, with an impeccable structure. The fruit is fresh, sweet and just perfect! The finish goes on and on and on, and ends with a lovely dry twist. This is to kill and die for...
100p   (tasted 2003/05)

The other wines at this tasting:
1990 Guy Charlemagne Cuvée Charlemagne (magnum)   (91p)
1991 Musigny Blanc, Comtes de Vogüé   (94p)
1994 Musigny V.V., Comtes de Vogüé   (90p)
1989 Musigny V.V., Comtes de Vogüé   (93p)
1986 Musigny V.V., J-F Mugnier   (96p)
1978 Musigny, Jacques Prieur   (91p)
1976 Musigny, Faiveley   (82p)
1969 Musigny, Drouhin   (92p)
25 year old Setubal (bottled 1973), J.M. da Fonseca   (91p)

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