Monday 26 December 2011

Just Bought

In 2003 we had a tasting of Super Tuscans, vintages 1988 and 1997, head to head. A great tasting, showing the many stellar wines that have been made in Tuscany. But one stood out, even in that tough crowd. And that was the 1988 Ornellaia, an almost perfect wine, that also got the most votes for the best wine of the evening. The other wines are listed below.
I hope this lifes up to my hopes below...:-)

1988 Ornellaia
A bottomless deep nose with gorgeous scents of dark chocolate, black cherries, warm herbs and a intensity that is hard to describe. Layer upon layer of the sweetest fruit. The depth is amazing. And still on the young side.
The taste is brilliant, with enormous, sweet, decadent fruit, paired with tight, smooth, intense tannins and a two minute long finish. This brought tears to my eyes. The only thing missing is some more 5-10 years in the cellar. This is perfection in the making.
99p   (tasted 2003/09)

The other wines at the tasting:
1997 Sammarco   (89p)
1997 Tignanello   (92p)
1997 Sassicaia   (95p)
1997 Ornellaia   (93p)
1997 Flaccianello   (97p)
1988 Flaccianello   (corked!)
1988 Sammarco   (92p)
1988 Tignanello   (93p)
(1988 Ornellaia   (99p))
1988 Sassicaia   (93p)
1997 Château Rieussec   (94p)
1990 Château Rieussec   (90p)


  1. Nice reading and a very interesting blog! I have not tasted the Ornellaia 88, but the Flaccianello 97, and I agree with you, a stunning wine.

  2. Thanks for the feed-back, Henning! And yes, have had the 97 Flaccianello 6-8 times, and every time I scored it between 95-98p.