Friday 1 December 2017

Drinking Tonight - 1990 Château Lanessan

There was a time when Bordeaux made up 75% of my cellar (albeit it was a much smaller cellar back then, but still).
Now Bordeaux is 8%. Things have changed over 20+ years. Not that I don´t still love Bordeaux, but now I mostly buy mature back up vintages, as this one.

1990 Château Lanessan
Château Lanessan has an interesting history, since 1310 it has belonged to only two families. In 1855, Louis Delbos decided that the pending classification was a bureaucratic nonsense and refused to submit samples. In hindsight, an error that has haunted Lanessan for 162 years, for before 1855 Lanessan was highly regarded in Médoc.
The nose of the 90 shows a fine maturity with notes of dried black currants, old leather, coffee grounds, autumn leaves and some barnyardy aromas. A fine maturity. Round and sweet. A fine typicity.
The taste is dry amd mature with notes of red and black currants, bakelite, leather and chalk. The finish is medium long. light and dry. Drinking fine today but there is no point saving any additional bottles for long.
87p   (tasted 2017/12)

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