Friday 24 May 2019

Leakers - 1964 Vino Fara, Valsesia A. Borgomanero

1964 Vino Fara, Valsesia A. Borgomanero
Rearranging the cellar I came across some leaking bottles. Old ones, as you could imagine, some had leaked a lot, some just a little. I have now opened them, with some nice surprises.
First out is this Piemonte wine (as the label says) that sports a earthy, round, mature nose with notes of molasses, dried cherries, scorched earth and bonfire smoke. Got better and better with air.
The taste is dry and warm with notes of burned sugar, dried cherries, wet autumn leaves and old asphalt. A bit thin in the middle. Just hanging in there, the nose is fresher.
81p   (tastes 2019/05)

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