Thursday 17 May 2012

The Two First Rose Wines Tasted

First out this rose weekend is two wines from the south of France. They were both fresh and tasty, although the Bandol had a added depth. They both did well with some truffle salami, jamon de Trevelez, fennochio and a wild boar pate alongside some fresh bread and olives.

2011 Chateau Sainte Marguerite Cuvee Grande Reserve Rose
A long name on this nice, fresh rose. I have not been able to get hold of the cepage. The state monopoly does notlist it and it is not to be find on their webiste either.
The nose is light, fresh and elegant with notes of lingonberries, wild strawberries, cool hebs and a touch of licorice. A nice smoky note. Blood oranges after a while. A nice nose without much depth.
The taste is fresh, fruity and medium long with notes of rasberries, wild strawberries, licorice, almonds and herbs. Some notes of dried meat. Finish light and fresh. A easy going, easy drinking Provence rose.
85p (tasted 2012/05)

2011 Domaine de la Tour du Bon
This Bandol rose is another creature all together. Bigger, deeper and more poised, with lots of fresh herbs, red currants, a dusty summer road and orange peels. With a bit of air enormous amounts of black currants leafes oozes up from the glass. Deep and fine. A lovely spicy feeling in this one. Very, very good.
The taste is full bodied for a rose but there is a balance and elegance which makes it easy to gulp down glass after glass... Notes of sweet minerals, blood oranges, red currants and candied lime peels. Lots of fresh herbs. A long, warm finish. This I will be drinking more of. The cepage is 35% Grenache, 30% Cinsault, 25% Mourvedre and 10% Clairette.
91p (tasted 2012/05)

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