Thursday 28 November 2013

Live From The Burgundy

While waiting for some friends for dinner - why not slip into The Burgundy and have one or two bottles, sorry, glasses of wine? Ok then!

2004 Dom Perignon
A lovingly pure, racy, fresh nose with those typical roasted coffee and dark caramel notes that is Dom Perignon. With air notes of hyachint, matchbox and warm gravel emerges. Young and intoxicating.
The taste is young, pure and lively with notes of white and red currants, milk chocolate fudge, greshly cut flowers and some gravelly notes. A very fresh acidity. This has potential and need to fill out its mid palate to achieve greatness, but it is no problem finishing a glass of it today.
93p   (tasted 2013/11)

Wednesday 27 November 2013

Wines From Louis Cheze

It was a dark room...

I was invited by Wineworld to a lunch tasting with wines from Louis Cheze. The wines was presented by the charming Alexandre Poinard from the estate.

Before the lunch we were given this stunner to sip on.
2008 Andre Clouet Millesime
The nose is a bit shy at first but soon opens up with gorgeous notes of sweet lemons, white currants, Lily of the valley, dry caramel and minerals. Light on its feet but with depth and character. Very fine.
The taste is lightness and elegance combined with notes of yellow apples, sweet lemons, pine nuts and slate. A fine creamy finish. Still young of course, this baby is going to turn out great.
92p   (tasted 2013/11)

2012 Saint Joseph Blanc Ro-Rée, Louis Cheze
The first vintage of this cuvee was the 1990. It consists of 60% Marsanne and 40% Roussanne. The nose is just wonderful with its fresh notes of summer flowers, spices, cool apricots and lots of crushed rocks. A fine minerality. And a butterscotch note that reminds me of a Puligny-Montrachet. Really lovely.
The taste is fresh as a daisy, full of summer flowers, minerals, sweet lemons and spices. A good length with a fine acidity. A beautiful freshness. This can´t be bought at the state monopoly.
Wineworld estimates that if it were the price would be around 22 Euro. In that case - sign me up for a case or two!
90p   (tasted 2013/11)

2012 Condrieu Pagus Luminis, Louis Cheze
This cuvée have been made since the 1993 vintage. I will confess - I have problems with Viognier, as indicated on my presentation on the front page. It most often lacks acidity. This is better than most but still...
The nose is deep and a bit heavy handed with lots of sweet flowers, sweet minerals, flower water and dried fruits. There is quality here but not to my liking.
The taste is big, warm and broad with the same flower water note as on the nose. There is some acidity here but the fruit is too heavy (for me - others at the table were much more positive). A long, warm finish. If you like Viognier you should try this one, but it is not for me.
85p   (tasted 2013/11)

2012 Saint Joseph Ro-Rée, Louis Cheze
This Saint Joseph cuvée have been around since 1980. The 2012 version is young, upfront and fresh with notes of lingon- and blueberries, fresh herbs, a touch of resin and a spruce forest. Salivating and fine.
The taste is young, spicy and cool with notes of ripe blueberries, juniper berries, liquorice and herbs. A medium long finish with a good acidity. For near term drinking, Very good.
87p   (tasted 2013/11)

2011 Saint Joseph Ro-Rée, Louis Cheze
The 2011 is available on the state monopoly for 17 Euro. I think that the 2012 and 2010 are better wines but the 2011 holds its own. The nose is warmer than the 2012 and displays notes of ripe blueberries, violets, earth and iron. A touch of white pepper after a while.
The taste is young and tight with notes of lingonberry and blueberry bushes, earth, violets and some iron. The acidity is a bit foursquare. Good food wine.
84p   (tasted 2013/11)

2010 Saint Joseph Ro-Rée, Louis Cheze
This vintage is the winner in this vertical. The nose is spicy, fresh and elegant with notes of sweet lingon- and blueberries, veal meat, fresh rosemary and crushed white peppers. A very fine spicy character. This is good!
The taste is young, tight and focused with notes of ripe blueberries, resin, violets, veal stock and crushed white peppers. A long, elegant finish. Easy to drink big mouthfuls of. Very, very good.
89p   (tasted 2013/11)

2009 Saint Joseph Ro-Rée, Louis Cheze
The nose on the oldest Saint Joseph in the line up is warm, a bit shut down and medium deep with notes of ripe lingonberries, dry resin, dried herbs and warm rocks. A bit angular.
The taste is warm and medium bodied with notes of ripe blueberries, white peppers, seared meat and forest floor. The acidity is a bit to low. A medium long, warm finish. Not as charming as the others.
82p   (tasted 2013/11)

2011 Côte-Rôtie Belle Demoiselle, Louis Cheze
The three Côte-Rôties from Louis Cheze are all very fine wines, and they reflect the different vintages. The 2011 is a stunner with a young, refined, fresh nose with notes of sweet blueberries, bacon fat, crushed white peppers and a very fine floral note. They are 100% Syrah but given this blind I would have guessed that some Viognier (the only good purpose with Viognier...) had been blended in. Really handsome. A gorgeous nose.
The taste is young, tight and elegant with notes of ripe blueberries, violets, peppered meat and warm gravel. The finish is long and balanced. Perfect tannin structure. Still young, this will evolve into a an ever greater beauty with 3-5 years in the cellar.
93p   (tasted 2013/11)

2010 Côte-Rôtie Belle Demoiselle, Louis Cheze
The 2010 version of the "beautiful lady" has the same precious spicy character as the 2010 Ro-Rée above - a sign of the vintage? Besides the spice there are fine notes of lingon- and blueberries, fresh herbs, licorice and some veal stock. A touch warmer than the 2011. Very, very good.
The taste is tight, elegant and pure with notes of spicy blueberries, dried herbs, licorice and violets. A very fine acidity. A long, warm finish. This will also benefit from a couple of years in the cellar and will surely become even better.
91p   (tasted 2013/11)

2009 Côte-Rôtie Belle Demoiselle, Louis Cheze
This is a tad warmer than the 2010, but what fruit, what concentration, what hedonism! The nose is full of chrushed blueberries, fresh herbs, asphalt/tar, licorice, pounded meat and violet pastills. You could sit and sniff this all night long!
The taste is much more open for business than the younger vintages and the warm, sweet, spicy fruit flows over your tongue, giving immediate satisfaction. Notes of blueberry pie, licorice, cloves, fresh herbs and warn gravel. A long, warm, lovely finish. This is for drinking now and the coming 10 years. Great wine!
93p   (tasted 2013/11)

Tuesday 26 November 2013

Another Great Dinner Tasting

A few week ago it was time again for one of our semi annual tasting dinners in our tasting group. We have had some amazing dinners in the past and this turned out to be equally great.

Great food, stunning wines and a fantastic good time! Thanks all!
All wines tasted double blind, except the ones we brought.

NV Georges Laval Cumières Premier Cru Brut Nature
A fine, somewhat mature nose with notes of ripe red apples, smoke, day old bread, red licorice and grapefruit. Complex. Very, very good.
The taste is elegant and pure and with notes of mature red apples, pomegranate, sea shells and minerals. A very fine acidity. A medium long, balanced finish. This is very fine.
A lot of info about Georges Laval here.
91p   (tasted 2013/11)

2004 Diebolt-Vallois Fleur de Passion Non Dosé
This was an interesting comparison side by side, the same vintage of Fleur de Passion, the normal one and one without any dosage. The non dosé has a young, flinty, salivating nose with notes of white currants, lemon peel, elderberries and a touch of ginger. Lots and lots of crushed rocks. Very, very good.
The taste is young, very fresh and dry with notes of lime and lemon peel, elderberries and lots of slate. Long and dry. A fine, high acidity. Elegant. Still young.
92p   (tasted 2013/11)

2004 Diebolt-Vallois Fleur de Passion
The dosage version is, in my opion, even better. The nose is deep, steely and focused with notes of yellow apples, lemon cream, cap gun smoke, elderberries and a lovely scent of freshly washed clothes. Very fine. A touch of freshly grounded coffee after a while. Really lovely.
The taste is young, refined and racy with notes of sweet and sour lemons, white currants, dry fudge and lots of sweet minerals. A long finish with a lot of finesse. A stunning acidity. Drop dead gorgeous!
95p   (tasted 2013/11)

1996 Orpale Blanc de Blancs
Hmmm, not sure of this one. From time to time there is a tiny hint of TCA. Not much, and contrary to the normal sequence of events, it doesn´t get any worse during the evening. But there is something there that shouldn´t be. Judgement referred.
Not rated   (tasted 2013/11)

2002 Chablis Le Clos, Brocard
A cool, elegant nose with notes of white currants, chamomile, light caramel and som fishy notes (in a positive sense). Very good. Some maturity.
The taste is medium bodied and fresh with notes of white currants, dry honey, butter biscuits and a touch of banana peel. A long, persistent finish with a fine acidity. Dry caramel. Vert, very good.
90p   (tasted 2013/11)

2002 Puligny-Montrachet La Garenne, Etienne Sauzet
A delicate yet creamy nose with notes of lemon cream, cold butter, yellow apples, cap gun smoke and table tennis balls! Very, very fine. A streak of menthol through the fruit. Just lovely.
The taste is powerful yet refined with notes of pickled lemons, ripe yellow apples, white currants and lots of minerals. Really creamy and fine. Very long. This has a lovely warmth in the finish. Great stuff.
94p   (tasted 2013/11)

2002 Corton-Charlemagne, Dubreil-Fontaine
A relatively young, potent, tight nose with notes of ripe yellow apples, caramel, dried flowers and matchbox. Very fine. A rouch of rubber. Very deep.
The taste is big, warm and concentrated with notes of lemon cream, white currants, dried flowers and smoke. Very elegant in spite of its size. A fine warmth. This still has some maturing to do.
92p   (tasted 2013/11)

2002 Meursault Les Perrières, Leroy
Aaaaaah, what a beauty, from the first sniff to the last drop this is a masterpiece. The nose is deep and profound with gorgeous notes of lemon cream, candied orange peel, matchbox, melted butter and dark fudge. After some in the glass the scents of assorted nuts oozes up from the glass. Utterly fresh and multi dimensional.
The taste is big, broad and creamy with notes of lemon cream, dried flowers, warm rocks, butter fried nuts and lots of smoke. The finish is over minute long and has a teeth gripping intensity. Just stunning. This has started its way to maturity but the peek is +5 years away. Impressive!
97p   (tasted 2013/11)

1999 Promis, Gaja
A big, open, ripe nose with notes of black currants, black cherries, sugared coffee, tobacco, tar and stables in a distance. Very yummy. Lovely sweet fruit.
The taste is tighter than the nose leads you to believe. Finely polished tannins and notes of black cherries, leather, coffee and moist earth. A long warm finish. Very, very good. Almost fully mature.
91p   (tasted 2013/11)

1995 Château Lynch Bages
A cool, semi mature, fresh nose with notes of red and black currants, cigarette ashes, graphite and road dust. There is some rosehips and old leather arising from the glass with air. Fine. Elegant.
The taste is tight, linear and somewthat withdrawn with notes of lingonberries, red and black currants, grapthite, cold coffee and old leather. This is almost fully mature and it becomed more harmonious with air. Old school Bordeaux. Very good but the 1996 is better.
90p   (tasted 2013/11)

1993 Château Latour
A fine, mature, expressive nose with notes of ripe black currants, tobacco, milk chocolate, autumn leaves and a touch of dog fur - in a positive way! Deep and fine. A bonfire scent after some time in the glass. Not a powerhouse but lots and lots of refinement.
The taste is medium bodied, almost fully mature and very intense with notes of cool black currants, lead pencil shavings, autumn leaves and a fine mineral note. Very long and balanced. In a perfect drinking stage. Lovely.
93p   (tasted 2013/11)

1995 Château Pichon-Baron
Yet again, the 1996 is better. But this is no slouch! A warm, fine, mature nose with notes of creamy black currants, dark chocolate, leather, cedar wood and a touch of ginger. Very good. Deep.
The taste is tight, intense and dry with notes of black currants, autumn leaves, cherry pips, old leather and graphite. The finish is long, warm and intense. Almost fully mature, this is drinking well tonight but I won´t venture that it will get any better.
92p   (tasted 2013/11)

1997 Tignanello
A deep, warm and concentrated nose with notes of black currants and cherries with some dark chocolate, dried flowers, autumn leaves and bonfire tossed in. A ripe, sweet, dark fruit. Very, very good.
The taste is tight, intense and focused with notes of black cherries, violets, graphite, warm gravel and leather. The finish is long, warm and intense with nicely matured tannins. Not really fully mature this should evolve some more the coming 3-5 years.
91p   (tasted 2013/11)

1997 Sassicaia
This beauty shows class and focus from start to finish. The nose is deep, velvety and intense with gorgeous black currant fruit paired with notes of expensive leather, violets, freshly grounded coffe and a lovely perfumed note. Really hedonistic. Great stuff!
The taste is purity and intensity liquefied with some hedonism thrown in. Notes of sweet black currants, chocolate covered cherries, warm tiles, dried flowers and leather. The finish goes on for, seemingly, minutes. Perfect to drink now but this will keep for 8+ years at this level.
Having drunk this six times over the years, I can say one thing for certain - this is not a 87p wine!!
96p   (tasted 2013/11)

1975 Château de Rayne Vigneau
Unfortunately corked "#¤%&¤#"&%!!

1945 Loupiac
Unknown producer. This had gone a bit too far, even by my necrofiliac standards... The nose is big, sweet and high pitched with notes of dried fruits, canned mushrooms, moist earth and wet dog fur.
The taste is better than the nose with lots of dried fruits, dried mushrooms, dried honey and forest floor. There is more concentration and focus in the taste. Long and warm. Too mature though.
70p   (tasted 2013/11)

1975 Château Rieussec
A wonderful sweet and sour nose that soars up from the glass with notes of dried pineapple, blood orange peel, pickled ginger, cold honeyed tea, rose water and a touch of detergent. Deep, complex and intriguing. Very, very fine.
The taste is massive and concentrated with notes of dried apricots, sweet and sour lemons, dried honey, green tea leaves and a beautiful creamy taste. The finish that goes on for over a minute ends semi dry. This has matured into a fascinating bottle of wine.
94p   (tasted 2013/11)

Sunday 24 November 2013

The Perfect Ones - Part 21

It is time for the second "most" - in terms of volume anyway - perfect wine ever (the "most" perfect wine is the 1990 Le Mont from Huet).
I have been lucky to have drunk the 1982 Latour on five occasions - scoring it a perfect 100p three of those times (the other two times it have got a measly 96p an 97p...:-)).

1982 Château Latour
A nose to kill and die for. Utterly harmonious, deep, powerful and seductive, with gorgeous notes of the sweetest black currants imaginable, pipe tobacco, leather, graphite and a ironclad touch. Bottomless deep. Ripe and refined. Perfection.
The taste is really like the proverbial iron fist in a velvet glove, with a stunning purity and velvety character to the fruit before the tannin hits you with all they have in the finish. Boatloads of sweet black currants, dark chocolate, leather, graphite and iron. The finish goes on, seemingly, forever. This has since 1992 been a stunner and keeps on delivering perfection in a glass.
100p   (last tasted 2007/05)

Saturday 23 November 2013

Just Bought

It seems like I have had a one track mind lately when buying wine. Another 1964 Barolo arrives, this time in the shape of a 1,75 liter bottle.
Bu I can´t be blamed - next year it is time to drink all these 64´s I have gathered through the years.

If I was to open this and pour it into the Riedel Sommelier Grand Cru Burgundy glasses, the bottle would suffice for two glasses...

Tuesday 19 November 2013

Seven Impressions of 2010 Chianti

The last couple of weeks I have opened some 2010 Chianti´s for weekday dinners. It seems like - based on this small collection - that this is a vintage for early drinking and that they will deliver drinking pleasure from day one even, though the better ones will improve some the years to come.
There will surely be some Riservas that hasn´t been released yet that will contradict this statement, but for now these 2010 Chianti´s is fine bottles of food wines.

2010 Chianti Classico, Terreno
This Swedish owned estate produce a light and easy going Chianti in the lower price range (11 Euro). The nose is open and fresh with low keyed notes of lingonberries, red cherries, gravel and a touch of dry cookie dough.
The taste is slim, straight forward and fresh with notes of lingonberries, dried cherries, cigarette ashes and gravel. A touch one dimensional, but with a bowl of pasta on a weekday it works well.
81p   (tasted 2013/10)

2010 Chianti Classico Riserva Rocca Guicciarda, Barone Ricasoli
A light, fruity, fresh nose with notes of chocolate covered cherries, fudge, liquorice and some saw dust. The cool,, nice cherry fruit comes forward with air. Good.
The taste is young, tight and drinkable with notes of cherry pips, black tea, dark fudge and some violets. A medium long, fresh finish. Good. For the short to medium term.
84p   (tasted 2013/10)

2010 Chianti Classico Riserva, Brancaia
A big, tight, fresh nose with lovely notes of red and black cherries, pomegranate, blood orange peel and some cigarette ashes. Young, complex and enchanting. Very, very good.
The taste is young, seedy and crisp with notes of ripe red cherries, liquorice, black tea, violets and forest floor. A long, refined finish. Finely polished tannins. Very young. A fine mouth feel. This is going to be even better in 3-5 years.
89p   (tasted 2013/10)

2010 Chianti Classico, Isole e Olena
A young, cool, elegant nose with notes of red currants, red cherries, balsa wood, almond flakes, black tea and expensive soap. Very pure and fine. More almond paste after a while. Very, very good. Needs time to open up in the glass.
The taste is young, seedy and racy with notes of cherry pips, lingonberries, liquorice, tea leaves and the same soapy - in a positive sense - note as on the nose. Slender tannins. A long, fine finish. Could be drunk now but will surely improve over the coming 2-4 years.
90p   (tasted 2013/10)

2010 Chianti Classico, Castello di Fonterutoli
A young, toasted nose with notes of black cherries, saw dust, chocolate covered cherries and some vanilla pods. Too much candy at the moment.
The taste is medium bodied and tight with notes of black cherries, dark chocolate, cherry pips and a medium long, warm finish. A bit ungainly. This need time to shed the oak, but I venture that the fruit will be gone when that happens.
76p   (tasted 2013/11)

2010 Chianti Classico Berardenga, Fèlsina
A cool, spicy, fresh nose with notes of red cherries, dried rosemary, road dust, liquorice and some undergrowth. Christmas spices. Very good.
The taste is young, tight and a bit four squared with notes of chocolate covered cherries, dried herbs and Christmas spices. Lots of cherry pips. A long warm finish. Will hopefully get things more together in a few years time.
85p   (tasted 2013/11)

2010 Chianti Classico Riserva Ser Lapo, Castello di Fonterutoli
A deep, fine, elegant nose with notes of sweet/sour cherries, rosemary bushes, balsa wood, liquorice, black tea and a Tuscan gravel road. A fine intensity and balance. Very, very good.
The taste is cool, refined and spicy with a pure Sangiovese fruit paired with some notes of rosemary, tea and gravel. A fine high acidity. Cleans the mouth effectively. Long and fine. This is really good, and will get even better in the years to come.
91p   (tasted 2013/11)

Sunday 17 November 2013

Drinking Tonight - 2005 Saint-Joseph, Domaine Mucyn

With some BLT sandwiches for dinner I opened this bottle from, for me, a new acquaintance.

2005 Saint-Joseph, Domaine Mucyn
A slim, mature, warm nose with notes of red currants, frozen raspberries, meat stock, old rubber, dried herbs and a touch of white pepper. Rustic in a good way. Some depth. Very good.
The taste is medium bodied, rustic and warm with notes of red currants, blueberry bushes, dried herbs and undergrowth. Easy going and enjoyable. Fully mature and drinking well.
85p   (tasted 2013/11)

Friday 15 November 2013

Then & Now - 1970 & 2009 Château Petit-Village

Château Petit-Village is an 10,5 ha small estate just next to La Conseillante , Vieux-Château-Certan and Certan de May. In 1919 The Ginestet family bought the estate, the first right bank negociant that bought a property in Libournais. 70 year later AXA bought the estate and they are the current owners.

In the 1956 frost almost whole of the vineyard was destroyed and in the following replanting  Cabernet Sauvignon made up the most of the vines. That have been changed over the years.
The wine is now made up of 75% Merlot, 18% Cabernet Franc and 7% Cabernet Sauvignon. In David Peppercorns book Bordeaux from 1991 he states the blend as 80% Merlot, 10% Cabernet Franc and 10% Cabernet Sauvignon.
And he calls the 1970 "rather moderate"... Clive Coates writes that it is "not a wine with a great deal of power but a most attractive, elegant, balanced bottle."Lets see for myself...

And the label of the 1970 is so much more beautiful than the new one, right?!
More info here.

1970 Château Petit-Village
This 43 year old opens a bit shy right out of the bottle. With air it opens up nicely with notes of mature red currants, plums, mocha, orange peel and some earthy/truffle aromas. Very nice. Lots of autumn leaves and some canned mushrooms. A lovely maturity. Not that deep and complex, but laid back and companionable.
The taste is ripe, round and mature with notes of plums, red currants, cold coffee and undergrowth. A nice austerity in the finish. Needs food. There are some dried strawberries here as well, resembling a mature Burgundy from time to time. Very, very good.
88p   (tasted 2013/11)

2009 Château Petit -Village
This youngster opens up with a big, upfront nose full of sweet black plums, blueberries, liquorice, herbs, dark fudge and some flowery scents. Deep and complex. Very, very young. Sandal wood. A velvety touch to the fruit. This has potential.
The taste is young, tight and promising with notes of sweet red currants, plums, blueberry soup, dark chocolate and warm tiles. A very long, warm finish. The tannins are polished and the fruit is the front seat of the taste. I would guess that needs 4-6 years in the cellar to get (even) more drinkable. A very nice warmth. Very, very good.
92p   (tasted 2013/11)

Wednesday 13 November 2013

Five Vintages of Gruaud Larose

Yesterday I hade the opportunity to taste five vintages of Gruaud Larose. It is always a treat to get to taste great Bordeaux, especially in this case when vintages from 4 decades was on the table.

David Launay, general manager, presented Gruaud Larose and the wines with flair, passion and humour.

janake winegroup arranged the tasting.

2005 Larose de Gruaud
The Larose de Gruaud is the second wine of Gruaud Larose. Gruaud have been making a second wine since 1865, quite a achievement!
The nose is open, upfront and lovely with juicy black currant fruit and additional notes of new leather, tobacco, coffee powder and a nice perfumed note (and that perfumed note did go through all of the wines as you can see below). Very good.
The taste is younger, fresh and with a nice backbone. Notes of sweet black currants, dark fudge, tobacco and lead pencil are noticeable. A medium long, balanced finish. This is drinking fine now but could be kept for 10 years.
90p   (tasted 2013/11)

1975 Château Gruaud Larose
This old timer was served out of a double magnum. The nose is round, mature and delightful with notes of ripe plums, old leather, cigar ashes and autumn leaves. Very good. Some fresh stables notes arises from the glass after a while.
The taste is mature, tight and a tad dry with notes of plums, black currants, cigar ashes and earth. A little hollow in the middle. This should be drunk, even from this bottle size.
86p   (tasted 2013/11)

1989 Château Gruaud Larose
1989 was a great Bordeaux vintage and Gruaud Larose delivers the goods. The nose is deep, round and semi mature with notes of dark plums, sweet black currants, graphite, expensive leather and a lovely perfumed note. Very, very good. Sweetened coffee.
The taste is semi mature with a luscious sweet fruit, integrated tannins and a good acidity. Fine notes of black currants, plums, dark chocolate and autumn leaves. A fine tight core. Very fine. Could be drunk now or cellared for 5+ years.
92p   (tasted 2013/11)

1998 Château Gruaud Larose
The 1998 was the weakest bottle in the line up. The nose is tight, hard and a bit four squared. There are some good notes of black currants, tobacco and the same perfumed note as in the others, but the structure is rigid and withdrawn.
The taste confirms the nose, with a tight, seedy fruit, high acidity and tannins that outlast the fruit. With some food this will surely behave well but on its own, and in this company, it is one dimensional. I don´t think it will get better with age.
80p   (tasted 2013/11)

2000 Château Gruaud Larose
A deep, pure, elegant nose with notes of red and black currants, plums, leather, dark chocolate and the lovely Gruaud perfume. Very, very good. A fine intensity.
The taste is still young with a fine sweet black currant fruit and notes of tobacco, sugared coffee, lead pencil and moist earth. Very intense and promising. A long, long, balanced finish. Give this 7+ years in the cellar.
91p   (tasted 2013/11)

2005 Château Gruaud Larose
The 2005 Gruaud Larose is a stunner! This youngster shows class from start to finish. The nose oozes up from the glass with lovely aromas of ripe black currants, expensive leather, pipe tobacco, fresh stables and lead pencil shavings. Velvety and every nut screwed in the right place. This has stunning potential.
The taste is concentrated, focused and tight with gorgeous fruit, a glorious structure and a ravishing purity. Buckets of sweet black currants and dark plums intermingled with pipe tobacco, new leather and graphite. Seamless. The finish goes on and on. Give this 8+ years. This will turn out exceptional. And even today it is impossible to resist. The man from Monkton dropped the ball on this one - 89p? Baaah!
95p   (tasted 2013/11)

Tuesday 12 November 2013

Just Bought

This can´t be good - turning on of the freshly received bottles and it looks like this.
But I will make a casserole this weekend so it will come in handy...

Happily doesn´t the rest of bottles look like that. More 64 Barolo! :-)