Sunday 24 November 2013

The Perfect Ones - Part 21

It is time for the second "most" - in terms of volume anyway - perfect wine ever (the "most" perfect wine is the 1990 Le Mont from Huet).
I have been lucky to have drunk the 1982 Latour on five occasions - scoring it a perfect 100p three of those times (the other two times it have got a measly 96p an 97p...:-)).

1982 Château Latour
A nose to kill and die for. Utterly harmonious, deep, powerful and seductive, with gorgeous notes of the sweetest black currants imaginable, pipe tobacco, leather, graphite and a ironclad touch. Bottomless deep. Ripe and refined. Perfection.
The taste is really like the proverbial iron fist in a velvet glove, with a stunning purity and velvety character to the fruit before the tannin hits you with all they have in the finish. Boatloads of sweet black currants, dark chocolate, leather, graphite and iron. The finish goes on, seemingly, forever. This has since 1992 been a stunner and keeps on delivering perfection in a glass.
100p   (last tasted 2007/05)

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