Friday 15 November 2013

Then & Now - 1970 & 2009 Château Petit-Village

Château Petit-Village is an 10,5 ha small estate just next to La Conseillante , Vieux-Château-Certan and Certan de May. In 1919 The Ginestet family bought the estate, the first right bank negociant that bought a property in Libournais. 70 year later AXA bought the estate and they are the current owners.

In the 1956 frost almost whole of the vineyard was destroyed and in the following replanting  Cabernet Sauvignon made up the most of the vines. That have been changed over the years.
The wine is now made up of 75% Merlot, 18% Cabernet Franc and 7% Cabernet Sauvignon. In David Peppercorns book Bordeaux from 1991 he states the blend as 80% Merlot, 10% Cabernet Franc and 10% Cabernet Sauvignon.
And he calls the 1970 "rather moderate"... Clive Coates writes that it is "not a wine with a great deal of power but a most attractive, elegant, balanced bottle."Lets see for myself...

And the label of the 1970 is so much more beautiful than the new one, right?!
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1970 Château Petit-Village
This 43 year old opens a bit shy right out of the bottle. With air it opens up nicely with notes of mature red currants, plums, mocha, orange peel and some earthy/truffle aromas. Very nice. Lots of autumn leaves and some canned mushrooms. A lovely maturity. Not that deep and complex, but laid back and companionable.
The taste is ripe, round and mature with notes of plums, red currants, cold coffee and undergrowth. A nice austerity in the finish. Needs food. There are some dried strawberries here as well, resembling a mature Burgundy from time to time. Very, very good.
88p   (tasted 2013/11)

2009 Château Petit -Village
This youngster opens up with a big, upfront nose full of sweet black plums, blueberries, liquorice, herbs, dark fudge and some flowery scents. Deep and complex. Very, very young. Sandal wood. A velvety touch to the fruit. This has potential.
The taste is young, tight and promising with notes of sweet red currants, plums, blueberry soup, dark chocolate and warm tiles. A very long, warm finish. The tannins are polished and the fruit is the front seat of the taste. I would guess that needs 4-6 years in the cellar to get (even) more drinkable. A very nice warmth. Very, very good.
92p   (tasted 2013/11)

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