Friday 1 November 2013

Drinking Tonight - 1983 Château Labégorce Zédè

Sometimes my craving for a mature Bordeaux overwhelms me. Tonight was such a night. I thought that this 30 year old bottle from Margaux would do the trick.
Broadbent gives it very high praise, 4 stars in 1999, and so do Coates, saying that it will live through to 2013. What a coincidence - that is now! :-)
Lets see for myself. The cork is a bit fragile and breaks in two. But the wine, the wine...
Info here.

1983 Château Labégorce Zédé
Freshly poured from the bottle it is quite barnyardy. With some air that calms down and fine notes of ripe black currants, old leather, lead pencil, coffee powder and wood smoke emerge from the glass. An intoxicating aroma of mature Bordeaux fills the nostrils, just the thing I was aching for tonight.
During dinner it evolves some more and a beautiful laid back black currant sweetness oozes up from the glass.
The taste is beautifully mature with a balanced structure, a round, soft mouth feel with notes of red and black currants, lead pencil, sugared coffee, autumn leaves and warm tiles. Even though it is rather soft it ends with a fine dry rigor. Mature Bordeaux is the perfect food wine, not overpowering, nicely balanced and leaves the mouth clean for the next bite and sip.
83 Labégorce Zédé hits all the right spots this night. This was caught in a great moment in time.
92p   (tasted 2013/10)

Consulting the literature...

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