Friday 8 November 2013

Notebook Number 32 & Looking Forward To Tomorrow

I have just opened my new notebook, number 32 since I started taking notes in 1991. I wonder which good, great and gorgeous bottles of wines that will be noted down between these binders?

The first notes will be from our tasting group semi annual tasting dinner, held tomorrow. Me and Håkan are responsible for the dessert, which will be a Tatin of Pear with Roquefort Ice Cream and a Caramel & Pear Sauce.
With that dessert we will open three bottles of sweeties - hopefully great ones! :-)

Here are some of the previous dinners we have worked us through:
Spring 2013

Spring 2012

Autumn 2011


  1. Waouu, you really get tasted a lot of wine, and also some really good ones :-)
    Hope the tasting and dinner will be another great experience.

    Best wishes