Sunday 11 May 2014

Another Notch In The Belt - 2010 Romo, Domaine des Huards

Jancis Robinson´s (et al) tome from 2012 - Wine Grapes, A complete guide to 1.368 vine varities, including their origin and flavours - is a fascinating read. So many grapes, so little time!

And this was to be a premiere for me, to my recollection I have never before tasted a wine made from Romorantin. It is grown exclusively in the appellation of Cour-Cheverny in Val de Loire on a grand total of 73 ha.
Romorantin is, according to Robinson et al, a cross between Pinot and Gouais Blanc, and not Pinot Noir but Pinot Teinturier. It is believed that Romorantin came to Loire from Burgundy for more than 500 years ago.
Info about the producer here.

2010 Romo, Domaine des Huards
An interesting, outspoken nose with notes of white currants, dried honey, chives, oyster shells and some smoky aromas. Complex and fine. A touch of apple cider vinegar. Very good. Given this blind I would have been hard pressed to make a guess.
The taste is young, fresh and focused with notes of tangerines, grass, chives, slate and candied lemon peels. A very fresh acidity. Medium long and fine. This is really good, fine on its own and perfect with a piece of grilled salmon. Would love to taste their old vine Romorantin.
89p   (tasted 2014/05)

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