Tuesday 12 August 2014

Vacation Wine Diary - Day 35 - Last Day & 1990 Selvapiana

Dear Diary

Our vacation have come to an end. One last evening of freedom. What to the finish this vacation with?

I opened two bottles from Selvapiana, the 1990 and the 1999 Chianti Rufina. The 99 was unfortunately corked and that got me thinking, and counting. I have opened 28 bottles of wine during this five weeks, and just one have been corked. That is a pretty good percentage, I would think. I have been lucky. On to the wine.

1990 Chianti Rufina, Selvapiana
Popped and poured. This needed some time in the glass to open up but when it did it offered some real enjoyment. The nose is beautifully mature with notes of dried red cherries, rosehips, rose petals, moth balls, bay leaves and a Tuscan gravel road. Very balanced, and very, very good.
The taste is mature, tight and seedy with notes of hard cherry candy, dried rosemary, rosehips, old leather and gravel. Cool, dried up tannins. The finish is medium long, finely tuned and just perfectly mature. A fine ending to a great vacation.
90p   (tasted 2014/08)

Time to close the vacation wine diary for this year.


  1. As usual, a great read! Myself I have two and a half weeks left of my parental leave. Then it is back to the salt mines! ;)

  2. Wow if I open bottles as often you do....my cellar will be empty 2 years....

    1. If you buy as much as you drink (at least...) - problem solved! :-)