Friday 18 December 2015

1964 Birthday Bordeaux

For my birthday, after the Champagne, I poured two bottles of 1964 - one must have some birth year wines on the table for ones birthday!

1964 Château Pontet Canet
The Pontet Canet shows of a fine, laid back, mature nose with notes of red and black currants, old leather, autumn leaves, fresh stables and some saw dust. Fully mature and there is some tobacco in the background. Very good. Holds well all evening long.
The taste is tight, mature and dry with notes of dried up black currant jam, cigarette ashes, old leather and dusty earth. A medium long finish with a fine dryness in the end. Went perfectly with the Fillet of beef Provençale served.
88p   (tasted 2015/12)

1964 Château Chasse Spleen
I had high hopes for this, after last bottle I had (although from another negociant). But sadly, it didn´t live up to my expectations. The nose is big but rather compressed with notes of scorched earth, plums, old tobacco and some iodine. The nose is a tad dirty, but it is not corked in any way. The scent doesn´t blow of with air.
The taste is big, mature and warm with notes of dried black currants, hot earth, dry leather and some asphalt. Long, warm and a bit four squared. The dirty aroma on the nose doesn´t come through in the taste. Slightly cooked. May have been handled poorly years back.
71p   (tasted 2015/12)

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