Friday 3 February 2012

An Empty Bottle

A few day back I read an article that it is estimated that ca 20% of all Lafite sold in Asia are fakes. And that empty bottles of Lafite goes for 100+ Euros on eBay.
Interesting....I remembered that among my empty memory bottles that occupies part of the cellar (my better half can´t for the life of her understand why I keep these empty bottles...) is a venerable bottle of 1934 Lafite. Bought and drank ages ago, if I remember correctly is was part of a mixed case bought in Copenhagen.

A quick search on wine-searcher reveals that a 1934 Lafite sells for 1200 Euro and up...what could a empty bottle be worth then...?:-)
Any takers?

Don´t worry, I would never sell it! I don´t even sell any bottles with the content still in the bottle. All bottles I buy is for drinking.
But what did I think of this bottle when I had it? It was drunk at a tasting with some other really great bottles.

1934 Château Lafite-Rothschild
A mid shoulder level, the cork came up in one piece. A soft, fine, elegant nose with notes of ripe red apples, plums, white raisins and lots of wet autumn leaves. Very perky for its age. More dry notes after a while, dry tobacco, road dust, dry leather and some woody notes. But very good all put together. After an hour in the glass it started to decline.
The taste is medium big with soft, finely grained tannins and a very delicate taste of ripe red currants mixed with a touch of tobacco. Some licorice and forest floor in the finish. Very fresh. The taste is full of finesse. This has kept very well.
92p   (tasted 1998/02)

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