Saturday 14 July 2012

The Best Way to Prepare Sage - And a Mature Barolo to go Along

Fried sage - aaaaaaah - the buttery, crisp texture with its deep flavours is to die for. And when added to a pasta sauce made of sage flavoured salsiccia and tagliatelle the table is set for a great dinner.
And of course we need something to drink. How about a mature Barolo? Ooooh yes! :-)

1991 Barolo Vigneto La Villa, Aldo e Ricardo Seghesio
A wide open, beautiful mature nose with gorgeous notes of dried cherries, autumn leaves, dried flowers, sweet beets, sugared coffe, pipe tobacco and lots and lots of dried mushrooms. A hedonist dream. Maybe not tons of complexity, but so, so yummy.
The taste is round, sweet and full of lovely mature Nebbiolo fruit. Notes of dried cherries, licorice, coffe powder, autumn leaves and dried mushrooms flows over the palate. A medium long finish, and to be honest, the finish is a bit evanescent. But this is a joy to drink over the evening. Another example of that the proof is in the bottle, not in vintage charts.
1988 was the first vintage from this cru from Seghesio.
88p   (tasted 2012/07)


  1. Oh yes, sage is the shit! Try Korvhantverks Fennel-sausage, also a nice pairing with sage and of course Barolo :)

  2. That looks awesome and I usually like the Baroli coming from those brothers. Funny to see this today. Tonight I'm planning to make a pizza with sage, figs, prosciutto, and feta. I'm going to have to find a way to sneak some butter in too! The plan is to open some stranger stuff from Piemonte. I'll write about it soon! ...

    1. Thanks for the comment! How was the pizza and the strange wine...? :-)