Friday 5 April 2013

Just Bought

I love when Cappellano bottles arrive! One of my favourite producers in Barolo, and the late Theobaldo was a true Barolista. His son Augusto keeps up the terrific work at the estate.

The 1985 is a welcome addition to my collection of Cappellano. I don´t know the vintage of the other bottle, the vintage slip is gone, it was a hazard buy...
The only vintage I have where the label is identical is the 1967. The label of the 1961 is slightly different and from 1970 there is a entirely new label. Could one hope that is the 1964...:-) And not the 1965 - we brought that vintage to a visit with Theobaldo, see below - and while it still clinged to life, it wasn´t much to write home about. We´ll know in due course when the bottle is opened.

Check out Finewinegeek for pictures of Cappellano labels and tasting notes from what must have been a great tasting!

Augusto, Theobaldo and Martha!
Theobaldo opens the 1965 Barolo we brought


  1. Could be a 58! Guessing u have that one already!

    1. Don´t think so, the label isn´t the same as the 1958 - which got me new post! :-)