Thursday 4 April 2013

Something Old & Sweet - 1917 Vintage Port Soalheira Vineyard, S.V. Borges & Irmão

After the 1997 Brunello tasting we needed something contemplative to sip on while we were discussing and evaluating the Brunello´s. What could then be better than a gracefully matured Port? Nothing!
(Well, maybe a old Madeira also would do the trick, but those creature´s are so damn complex, so the contemplative part would be gone :-))

1917 Vintage Port Soalheira Vineyard, S.V. Borges & Irmão
1917 - the year you automatically associates with the Russian revolution. But other things happened also - drivers license is introduced in Sweden, Mata Hari is executed in Paris and USA buys the Virgin Islands from Denmark for 25 million dollar, just to name a few...
But over to the wine - the nose is wide open, deep and just yummy with notes of toffee, honey covered nuts, muscovado sugar, dades and the scent out of a cognac glass when the liquid has dried up. Intense and fine. There is a interesting note of petrol/oil. Fully mature of course and maybe on its downward slope but this still has vigour.
The taste is big, sweet and with a lovely intensity and notes of burnt toffee, toasted almonds, dried honey, white raisins and dark bread. Very upfront and good. Not heaps of complexity but sweet, luscious and rewarding.
88p   (tasted 2013/03)

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