Friday 17 January 2014

Another 1988 Tonight - 1988 Chianti Classico Vigneto Bertinga, Castello di Ama

To go along with some home made pizza with truffle salami and ceps, I opened this mature Chianti. Castello di Ama apparently doesn´t make the Vigneto Bertinga any longer. A quick search on the web only comes up with the 1990, and no vintage after that. But I don´t know exactly, I will mail the estate tomorrow, if I get more info I will update this post.
Out of 19.045 bottles made this was bottle number 1660.
On to the wine!

1988 Chianti Classico Vigneto Bertinga, Castello di Ama
Right out of the bottle it opens a bit shy, but with a bit of air it expands to a gorgeously mature Sangiovese. The nose is stunning with notes of cool red cherries, dried rosemary, black tea, a touch of liquorice and a hauntingly beautiful aroma of cigarette ashes. Deep, complex and soooo fine.
The taste is round, fresh and perfectly mature with notes of red and black cherries, red currants, dry leather, gravel and some black tea aromas. The tannins are perfectly integrated and polished to the finest grain. Drinking absolutely perfect today. This is why one cellar wines for years and years and years.
94p   (tasted 2014/01)


  1. Wow this old Chianti joins the list of the super-scored ones..!!
    Do you have more left..?
    Did you buy it on release ?

    1. It was fantastic! Nope, that was my only bottle. Bought it with some other Chianti´s some 10 years ago - this was the only bottle left from that purchase.